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Manga Muscle Girls is a collection of journal entries that catalog appearances of muscular girls in manga. Check Manga Muscle Girls for the full list. Here are the latest entries:

Akai Hato ~Apiru~「赤い鳩 ~アピル~」

ZERO IN「ゼロイン」

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi「ケンイチ」

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Akai Hato ~Apiru~

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 23, 2014, 9:59 AM
Akai Hato ~Apiru~
Manga Muscle Girls「漫画の筋肉娘」

 photo apiru_03_164_s.jpg  photo apiru_03_208_s.jpg  photo apiru_04_043_s.jpg

I was originally planning on writing about a different manga. itslikeacartoon wrote a comment mentioning a manga that I hadn't heard about before. I managed to find it and it is my new favorite manga. It's called Akai Hato ~Apiru~ (赤い鳩 ~アピル~), which translates to "Red Dove ~Apiru~". I'm not sure what the Apiru part means. It might just be a different reading for the kanji. It is a manga by Crying Freeman artist Ryoichi Ikegami (池上遼一) and writer Kazuo Koike (小池一夫). I've mentioned Koike-sensei before in an entry about another manga called Brothers. Muscular women frequently make appearances in titles by both men, and there's a lot of them in this 6-volume series. It is a seinen title so it features some sex and nudity. It can be purchased on eBookJapan and Amazon JP.

 photo apiru_04_097_s.jpg  photo apiru_05_021_s.jpg  photo apiru_06_148_s.jpg

The series was originally published starting in 1988, so it is an older series. There are three different muscular women making appearances throughout the series, including one introduced in the second volume who becomes a traveling companion to the main character for the rest of the series. She is a lot taller than the main character, it makes for an interesting contrast. This manga is definitely worth reading. The samples images here are my favorites from the series, though there is a lot more artwork to enjoy. Thank you to itslikeacartoon for telling me about it.

 photo apiru_05_167_s.jpg  photo apiru_05_185_s.jpg  photo apiru_05_200_s.jpg


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I am not an artist. The works that are in my gallery are commissioned from other artists. I sometimes color or modify them. I like discovering new artwork on the interwebs and sharing my findings in my journal. I like receiving comments, it helps keep me motivated in my activities here.

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Hi Ed, here I have a new find from the manga Destro 246 by Takahashi Keitarou (Author of Jormungand). This manga is a sequel of another manga called Ordinary ±. Chapter 15 features an MMA fight between a muscular woman and one of the main characters called Nanten Sakura (She has a more lean physique but looks pretty buff as well)…
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