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Manga Muscle Girls is a collection of journal entries that catalog appearances of muscular girls in manga. Check Manga Muscle Girls for the full list. Here are the latest entries:


Akai Hato ~Apiru~「赤い鳩 ~アピル~」

ZERO IN「ゼロイン」

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Journal Entry: Tue Sep 9, 2014, 5:53 AM
It seems a lot of people still think I draw the stuff in my gallery. I commission art, which means I pay other artists to draw stuff for me. I always credit the artist in each picture. Sometimes I will modify or color stuff. I thought it would be obvious with the wide range of art styles in my gallery. I guess it doesn't hurt to remind people occasionally.

deviantART announced they are transitioning keywords into tags to mixed reviews. It seems most people don't like them. I wasn't sure how it would be and wanted to try it before I judged them. There are definitely still some bugs. My new deviations don't show up in tag searches, for instance. On the whole, I like tag searches better than normal searches. One thing that bugged me was that the default search also searched on usernames, so searches for some items would favor artists with that term in their name. You could search for keywords:term to filter out names, though not many people knew that. Searching by #term seems to search only the tags, which is nice if it worked 100% of the time. Right now, both search styles still works, so it is a little confusing. I wonder if they will leave it that way?

Playing Ring Dream is still part of my daily routine. The weekly events keep things fresh. I'm always on the lookout for the muscular wrestlers in the game. Here's a few screenshots for you:

CSS Journal Coded by FleX177


About Me
     Name Ed Lee
     Country United States
     Favorite visual artist Tsukasa Jun
     Favorite TV show Avatar: the Legend of Korra
     Tool of the Trade GIMP, ImageMagick
     Interests Female Muscle, Muscular Women, Stats

I am not an artist. The works that are in my gallery are commissioned from other artists. I sometimes color or modify them. I like discovering new artwork on the interwebs and sharing my findings in my journal. I like receiving comments, it helps keep me motivated in my activities here.

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肌肉女, mujer muscular, culturista, мышцы девушка, 筋肉女

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Krysnha Featured By Owner 12 hours ago
I wanted to ask that ring deram islike wrestling angels survivor its a ity those games never geat translated
elee0228 Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
I never played WAS, but I think it is similar.
Krysnha Featured By Owner 19 minutes ago
Thanks for the reply, there are several videos in youtube about wrestling angels
KeirTanaka Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
There was a conversation on the now 2nd page of this:… :here deviation in your galleries that I was having with someone a while ago and now his responses are term "Flagged As Spam" as of right you know anything about that?!
elee0228 Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
I didn't flag them, I'm guessing DevArt automatically did that since the account was deactivated.  It's chutonon if you are curious. 
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