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March 6, 2009
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Akiko Daimon by Cushart by elee0228 Akiko Daimon by Cushart by elee0228
Akiko Daimon by ~Cushart final.

If you've checked out the changes made in my main page, you might have spotted my new Commission Status thread and noticed that I've commissioned ~Cushart for a piece. When I look for artists to commission, there's two things that I am looking for: 1) an understanding of muscle anatomy, and 2) the ability to draw cute girls. Cushart met the first requirement with CaptionPatriot, and the second with SweetBody. I checked his commission rates and they were within my budget. Contacted him and we started talking.

I've posted the progress of this image in Akiko Daimon by Cushart WIP 1, Akiko Daimon by Cushart WIP 2, Akiko Daimon by Cushart WIP 3, and Akiko Daimon by Cushart WIP 4 if you're interested in seeing how it came together. It was a pleasure working with ~Cushart and I was extremely happy with the final image. I'm guessing the fact that he's Taiwanese made it easier for him to render the Kanji used on the image. It was also nice that he provided the original source PSD file, which not many artists like to do for various reasons. But for me, I enjoy being able to see the artwork layers separately and like having the flexibility of adjusting it if needed. If you like this piece, I hope you'll consider commissioning this talented artist. Thanks, Cushart!

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Commission Status
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Hi my name is Anthony and would like to have a picture for my gym designed. The name of my company logo is TITAN WEAR AND I USE LOGOS CALLED TITAN GRIPS WHICH IS THE name of my product.

My e-mail is I would really like to send you a few examples with some pictures so you can get the idea of what i am looking for. Can some one please contact me in order for me to send the pictures i have and go from that point forward.
Thanks I love your art work i hope we can work together.
Shadowpsycho Sep 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Finally... Everywhere I look for a muscled female reference, all I get is male bodybuilders with boobs. It's absolutely ridiculous that all you can find are skinny sticks, overly luscious, or men when it comes to female fighters.

This is a large oasis to a parched and dry throat, I tell you.
oo one of my favirotes of Akiko. :D
In Akiko We trust.
freeza-frost Feb 22, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
she's soooo cute!
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