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June 26, 2009
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Akiko Daimon by Felsus by elee0228 Akiko Daimon by Felsus by elee0228
Yet another Akiko Daimon commission. This time it's by =Felsus. I came across his gallery while searching for muscle artwork. He has mostly male artwork in his gallery, but I contacted him to see if he was open for commissions and had any samples of female artwork. He sent me over to his blog (warning: male nudity) which had a nice work in progress picture of another commission of the feminine persuasion. His rates seemed reasonable, so I asked for his take on Akiko.

Honestly, I never get tired of seeing artists interpretations of the character. Works in progress like this one are a good reason why I keep doing it. It's also nice when artists work quickly, like Luxuris did for this one. I contacted him on Tuesday, and the commission was completed on Thursday. Both the speed and the quality surpassed my expectations. I initially commissioned just the sketch of Akiko, though I definitely want to see this in color at some point. There are a total of 3 work-in-progress pics which I'll post to my scraps section, plus the higher resolution clean version which will go into my gallery. Hope you like this one as much as I do.

I made a few adjustments to the final drawing Luxuris submitted. I cleaned it up and resized the canvas. Also made some minor adjustments on the arm, getting rid of a line I didn't like. I dropped in some color into the circle he used to frame the figure. I figured since she's Japanese, the red would be appropriate. I added a darker line around the figure to try to get it to pop out a bit more. Comments are definitely welcome, I'm curious to hear if anyone has some suggestions to make the picture better? Download size is 1200x1600 for your viewing enjoyment.

Edit: Also available in =Felsus' gallery as Akiko Line

Edit: He asked me to change the name to Felsus, as he prefers to use that account.

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maistromanuel Aug 29, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
very beatutiful lady, i love that girl, great work dude
Thanks for the comment. :)
really love teh hair and eyes on this one
Yup, me too. He's got a knack for doing good hair. :)
Looking fine as ever, baby! :D
Thanks for the comment!
MuscleGoddessHaven Jun 26, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:faint: :)
damn, thats fabulous. absolutely lovely.
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