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November 30, 2009
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Akiko Daimon by Redg404 Ver 2 by elee0228 Akiko Daimon by Redg404 Ver 2 by elee0228
Yes, it's another Akiko Daimon commissioned piece. This one is done by the talented *redg404. I came across his gallery when *pumpmonger commissioned him to draw his orginal character Red in Do you really want to fight me? He also has done some other muscle girl artwork in DeviantART when *Teri-Minx commissioned Walkiria. Based on those two previous pieces, I knew he'd produce quality artwork so I approached him about a commission.

He submitted a sketch for approval. It looked like a good pose so I asked him to continue. He submitted the finished piece soon after and was kind enough to send the original PSD file so that I could pull out the lineart and generate some work-in-progress pieces. I actually think the lineart works pretty well on its own. It was interesting to look through the layers at his coloring style. The flat colors were pretty cool. I liked the coloring he used in this Cammy pic so asked for cel shaded coloring in that vein. There were a few things that I wasn't too keen about in his final version, so I was thankful that he sent the PSD. I adjusted the bikini, added some color to the lips, and removed the background.

*redg404 produces quality artwork quickly and at reasonable rates. Definitely seek him out if you're looking for an artist to commission. This image is also available in his gallery as Akiko commish art.

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A really nice work thanks for posting
Your welcome!
no problem by the way you never think in writing a story with this girl
Not really a writer...
you should try i really like the characther but well thats your choise and thanks for the reply
thanks for the happy face really apreciateit
colliewolf2010 Sep 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
chun li has big legs, akiko has big arms, wonder how that fight would go?
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