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July 28, 2009
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Akiko Daimon by ScruffyRonin by elee0228 Akiko Daimon by ScruffyRonin by elee0228
Working on another Akiko Daimon commission, this time with an artist I just found on DeviantART recently: =scruffyronin. I liked what I saw in his gallery. He has a good understanding of anatomy, which is always one of the things I look for in an artist. He also has a knack of drawing cute girls with athletic figures. See exhibits A-E below:

A) Assault Ready CAMMY
B) Time Bomb VS Fire Made Flesh
C) Rodc0m1000's LUZ
D) Black Cat
E) fighter ver2.0

He responded quickly to my inquiry and has a pretty straight-forward commission process.

He gave 2 options for the commission for a pose, and I opted to go with the second one. I asked for some adjustments in the first sketch he offered, mainly anatomical changes. I asked for some more adjustments after the second sketch he offered. I also sent him some reference images. I think the image looks much better now, and more anatomically correct in the third sketch. Here he has applied the flat colors as he prepares to finish the drawing. This image is also available in his gallery as Akiko Daimon flats.

Scruffyronin posted a version of the final drawing in his gallery as Akiko Daimon. I think this came out really great. I love the attention he paid on the coloring process to the highlights and shading on Akiko, it really helps to give her anatomy a lot of depth. Jhomar was very patient throughout the process in worked to get the details right in the anatomy, as you can see from the work-in-progress pics. Kudos should definitely got to the artist, and if you're looking for someone to commission, please consider the talented =scruffyronin. Download size is a glorious 1200x1727 so don't forget to click that download button.

Edit: Darn it, PNG transparency is borked. Will upload a GIF tomorrow.

Edit: Can't figure out how to fix it, so I've set the full view size to be the original image in an attempt to fix it. Make sure to view this full size.

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wow great work.
hotrod5 Jul 29, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is a pretty nice pic of Akiko.
Thanks for the comment!
I love the shading on this!
Yup, me too. :)
BlackKusanagi Jul 28, 2009  Student General Artist
Came out pretty impressive. :)
Yup, I am really happy with it. The flat colors were so-so, but the fully rendered pic is beautiful. :)
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