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Akiko by NeMAfronSPAiN WIP 2 by elee0228 Akiko by NeMAfronSPAiN WIP 2 by elee0228
If you've been watching my journal, you'd have seen a recent artist identification request. The mystery artist turns out to be NeMAfronSPAiN, who was correctly suggested by alacDA. I'm grateful to alacDA for identifying the artist of the image in my journal because it was bugging me. I knew I had seen the artwork before, and sure enough, NeMAfronSPAiN is on my watchlist. NeMA confirmed that he was the artist of the piece, and I was happy to learn that he was available for commissions.

A few e-mail exchanges later, and he produced this sketch showing a few possible poses.

I selected pose number 5, and he finished the sketch a few hours later. I was stunned with how quick the whole process was. He submitted this work in progress along with the final sketch.

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Presteza Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2009
yep, she's gonna be purty, that fo sho
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