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September 25, 2013


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Journal Entry: Wed Sep 25, 2013, 5:31 AM
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Fave this or add it to a collection! That's it. You'll automatically get a chance to win 1000 points. I will randomly select one person to win 1000 points on October 1.

Update: The random winner gave the the 90th fave. Congratulations, Yobtaf! Enjoy your reward.


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DeviantART Search Tips
Deviant and Art Mentions
FAQ #112: Changing username
Announcement about Keywords
About Fair Exposure

Change Log

09/25 Original post
09/28 Edit: modified title
09/28 Edit: +Change Log, -Gallery
09/28 Edit: +info about @ devlinks
09/28 Edit: +deadline reminder
09/30 Edit: +name bonus change
10/01 Edit: Winner selecteed

3 Cool Tips and Tricks

@ Deviant Links
Big Thumbnails
Search Observations

:bulletgreen: @ Deviant Links
When you want to link to another deviant, the old method described in FAQ #81 is to use the code :devdeviant:. DeviantART quietly rolled out a new twitter-style deviant linking method: just put the @ symbol before the deviant name and you've got a snazzy link. Awesome! Know it. Use it. elee0228 compels you. See? I just used it right there.

Combined with the totally awesome new mention feature (beta), it's going to really encourage interaction on the site. It looks like right now that it just searches for the @ symbol anywhere, so words that use @ in the middle, like idolmaster, get screwed up. E-mail addresses work ok though.

Edit: Seems that @ in the middle of a word doesn't break every time, only some of the time. Had an exchange with pachunka thanks to the oh-so-handy mentions feature.

:bulletgreen: Big Thumbnails
This undocumented feature has been floating around for awhile, though it seems like it has been mostly word of mouth. dekorAdum mentions it in a journal entry along with other cool ways to resize pictures. Just copy the :thumb#######: code from any deviation and change it to :bigthumb#######: for an instant upgrade. It doesn't work everywhere though, so preview before you post.

:bulletgreen: Search Observations
I love using DeviantART search to look for new deviations and sharing my findings. Check out my posts Watchers Toplist and DeviantART Search Tips. I have noticed a few things about the DeviantART search results in the last few months. Some of these have always been the case, though some are changes that I believe are recent and unannounced.

Deviant Name Bonus: If you have a name that contains a common search term, you are getting a nice bonus when people search for that keyword. Try searching for Dante, Naruto or Korra for example. In all these cases, the top search result is owned by a deviant that has the keyword in their name. In all cases, the deviation does not have the most faves and probably isn't as relevant as some of the deviations after it in the search results. It's worth mentioning that Premium Members can change their name.

Edit: The name bonus mysteriously disappeared. Search results are much different now. It's back.

Keyword Count Penalty: I like to use lots of keywords to describe my deviations. At some point this year, my deviations were getting penalized for it and falling out of the first page. I started to do some testing and saw that if I reduced the number of keywords, I could get my deviations to show up again. I've started to use less keywords now as a result. I think this actually reduces the effectiveness of keywords, though. wreckling announced that keywords are going public soon. I am guessing they were having some problems with people purposely using the wrong keywords and the keyword count penalty might be a way to counter that.

Fair Exposure Thoughts: When Fair Exposure was announced, the reception wasn't great. DeviantART did a good job of updating it and monitoring for abuse. Early on, people were purposely miscategorizing deviations in order to get higher popularity. Things have gotten much better. Still, if your deviation could legitimately be placed in 2 or 3 possible categories, your choice of category will impact it's placement in search results. While this is not necessarily a problem, it's definitely something that's worth knowing.

So your choice of name, keywords and category are big factors in your deviation's visibility on DeviantART. Be aware of these factors when submitting deviations and allow your deviations to live up to their full potential.

Comments Welcome
Found this article useful? Let me know! I like getting comments and always try to reply. Don't forget to fave in order to automatically enter for a chance to win 1000 points (winner to be selected on October 1).

Journal designed and coded by kuschelirmel-stock with textures from lebstock
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elee0228 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013
Hey, =XennyDiemes, did you see this?
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Now I can see it.
AuroraRein Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i faved this and the comp is already over because i think it is so useful, especially to someone like me who is pretty new to dA and points or not i am faving because this is so helpful :) :D
elee0228 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013
Cool, thanks for the nice comment.  I'm glad you found it helpful. :)
AuroraRein Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's already been very helpful :) I've cut down the amount of keywords on my artworks and I even used the username link yesterday (which I didn't know how to do before) :) 
Zachzac Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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