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Journal Entry: Tue Mar 25, 2014, 10:41 AM
Manga Muscle Girls (漫画の筋肉娘)

 photo volleyboys-14-000.jpg

As some of you know, I have a journal entry called Manga Muscle Girls where I try to catalog all the appearances of muscular girls in manga. It has been a few months since the last post, I have been remiss in my duties. I do have a bunch more in the backlog of things I want to write about, I will try to post more frequently about muscle girls in manga.

 photo volleyboys-14-054.jpg  photo volleyboys-14-056.jpg  photo volleyboys-14-063.jpg

In Volume 14 of Kougyou Aika Volleyboys (工業哀歌バレーボーイズ) by Hiroyuki MURATA (村田ひろゆき), Volleyball player and schoolgirl Mayumi MORITA (森田マユミ) discovers a bodybuilding porno mag in the room of the guy she likes. She decides to start training secretly and gets some good results in a short time. When she reveals her new physique to the guy, she discovers to her dismay that the magazine belonged to the guy's buddy, not to him. I found this manga through the Japanese website Kinniku Musume 筋肉娘. The book is available at eBookJapan and Amazon JP.

 photo volleyboys-14-065.jpg  photo volleyboys-14-075.jpg  photo volleyboys-14-076.jpg

There are two things I want to share:

1. You can embed YouTube videos in your journal
2. Erica Cordie is totally awesome

That is all.
The Power by elee0228Korra by elee0228Korra by elee0228Chun-Li by elee0228Kasumi by elee0228Angel by elee0228Final Fantasy by elee0228Jessie by elee0228Goku by elee0228Psylocke by elee0228

Finally finished the Top Ten of 2013 countdown. It's fun to see what people liked in my gallery. You have such good taste.

There was a recent change with how pageviews are counted. Seems to be more accurate now, though it's weird to see such a big difference from the old system. It's cool that DeviantART also added Google Analytics for beta testers, I definitely like looking at the pretty graphs and numbers. You can get so much more information than you could before. For instance, here's a chart of the top pages since February 1st:

I was surprised to see that the Magic Muscle and side stories made up about 5% of all pageviews. That's statistically significant given all the other images I've posted during the time and given the main comic was taken down for a few months. It's back up now though and you can thank Amerthen00b for commissioning me for additional color pages. Pokkuti is focusing on Forbidden Frontiers which has great muscle art. I signed up to be pokkuti's patron at Patreon and you should too.

Since I'm such a stat geek, I also love this cool visualization I stumbled across showing real-time activity at DeviantART (world):

So cool!  I also managed to be the 100th follower of Lightning-Powered over at tumblr and he did this nice image for me:

for THE ART OF LP's 100th FOLLOWER by Lightning-Powered
Woke up to a ton of messages wishing me well on my birthday. Thanks to everyone who took the time to drop me a line, I really appreciate it! You are all awesome! Special shout out to refaal and xrvca for sending me some cake badges, I love them! Thanks also to cerebus873 for sharing some nice She-Hulk commissions.

I hope you enjoyed all the posts in February. I took down the previews that I mentioned in previous post since I should be posting them this month. Most of you found the Amazon image. Not that many found the hidden Korra or Chun-Li images though. Don't worry if you missed them, they will be in the main gallery soon.  I still have a ton of commissions to edit and post, I hope to keep uploading regularly in March. I've got some awesome stuff from 3 Z-artists: zetarok, zephleit and zipskyblue that I'll be posting. Here's all the images posted in February:

Viola by elee0228She-Hulk by elee0228Red Sonja Nude by elee0228Flannery by elee0228Amazon by elee0228Power Girl by elee0228Chun-Li Valentine by elee0228Blue Mary by elee0228Korra by kieremj by elee0228Akiko by elee0228Nami by elee0228Cammy by elee0228Super by elee0228Tiffany by elee0228

March 1 is Chun-Li's birthday! It's cool that it's only a day after mine. To celebrate, the next three deviations I post will feature the Spring Beauty and self-proclaimed Strongest Woman in the world.

I'm toying around with Tumblr, Pinterest and Twitter. I still can't figure out how best to make use of them though. I'd love to hear how others deal with having multiple sites to update. I've also started visiting Reddit more regularly. It's a shame the DeviantART Subreddit isn't more active. The site is pretty cool, anyone else use it?

As always, I love getting comments, it keeps me motivated in sharing my commissions and discoveries. If you don't have time to comment, then take a second to fave, it helps people find deviations in the site search.

I declare tomorrow to be the first day of Muscle March!
3 sneak peaks of deviations are at the bottom of this post.
35 manga titles are listed in Manga Muscle Girls.
43% of visitors browse with Chrome (via Google Analytics)
0228 is a date, my birthday (today is 0220).
$202.75 spent on commissioned artwork in January.
245,813 watchers watch yuumei (see Watchers Toplist).

Akiko Daimon, Hero Curls, and art by mushypeaschips, those are three of my favorite things.  What happens when you combine them?  Epic awesomeness!  Warning: she's topless, so it's marked as mature content.

Akiko Daimon Hero Curls by mushypeaschips

I asked awhile ago if he accepted commissions, though we never did anything.  Just checked in with him again yesterday and he had forgotten about it.  I was totally floored to wake up this morning and see this incredible piece.  It's my new favorite animation.  I've been staring at it for hours now, just managing to tear myself away long enough to write this.  Thank you, mushypeaschips, you are a rock star in my book!

If you aren't watching mushypeaschips, you must correct your error immediately!  Akiko compels you!
I'll be posting a boatload of deviations in February, at least one every other day.  Keep checking back here this month for some great new artwork.  I am in the process of commissioning some new artists and I'm really liking the results.  Don't worry, I've also been commissioning some of the favorites of folks here.  It will be a nice mix of artwork coming your way.  

I am so far behind in posting commissions that I won't be posting the three hidden previews I mentioned last time until next month.  So you still have time to hunt for them.  It seems most people found the Amazon preview.  Not that many of you were able to find the Korra preview.  Even fewer people found the Chun-Li preview.  These previews are definitely worth your time, so spend a few minutes hunting.  It's totally worth it.  You can ask for hints if you have problems finding them.
The folks over at Halloween-HQ ran a cool Mystery Game a few months ago. I liked the part where you had to hunt through people's pages to find hidden links. I'm starting to get backlogged with lots of commissioned muscle girl art which I've been releasing slowly so I don't spam you. I've got a few good ones that I want to share early, so I'm borrowing DeviantART's idea and hiding them throughout my page.

There are three special links that will take you to previews of some awesome female muscle artwork done by three different artists. Comment here when you find them or if you need a hint. These are all pieces that will eventually be posted in my main gallery, though I don't know how long it will be. I've got a lot of things to post...

No spoilers please, let people have a chance to find it on their own. Have fun!
Nikuji Blog

Found a blog with some nice artwork from a guy named Nikuji (ニクジ).  Most of the artwork is found under the illustration category of the blog.  He does mostly fighting game fanart.  Here's some of my favorites:

I've <a href="…
">written before about Ring☆Dream, a flash game playable at Yahoo JP or Mixi. It's got a ton of Muscular Wrestlers like Hekaton Keiko, Marjoram Yoshii, and Buffalo Kitamura. I spend a few minutes every day keeping up with the game on the chance that more muscular characters will make appearances. During this week's event, a new unnamed wrestler was added to the random Powerhouse trio wrestlers:

That's her on the right with the bandage on her nose. She looks awesome! I can't wait to collect her character card, she's not available yet though. I keep saying that I'll put together a walkthrough, though I never seem to find the time to do it. It's not that hard to start playing on your own after you create the Yahoo account. I can help if you have any questions.

Edit: She has a name: Giganto Morizumi (ギガント森住)
Wow, I reached 2 major milestones in 2014.  First I hit 2,000,000 pageviews and then a few days later I reached 4500 watchers!  Those numbers really boggle my mind.  I really appreciate all the support and great comments I get from the DeviantART community.   Thank you for your awesomeness.

I ran a poll to see how I'm doing like I do every year.  I had a 86% approval rating in 2012 but only managed 83% this year.  For some reason, the number of people voting fell.  Are people just not participating as much at DeviantART?  In any case, I gotta do better.  Let me know if you think there's anything I need to improve on this year. | Guide | Tutorial | Archives: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 | Updated 4/17/2014 (Newest)

Welp, 2013 is about to come to a close. Looking back, I've posted over 150 deviations this year.  I haven't been able to snag any commissions from my favorite artists, like Speeh, Felsus, or Pokkuti this year.  Instead I've been looking for new artists to commission.  This year, I've commissioned many artists for the first time, and I've been really happy with the results.  

Some of the artists were more well-known at DeviantART.  Awesome artists like moni158, elsevilla, Aka-Shiro and Artipelago produced some great artwork for me:

Korra *moni158 by elee0228Angel by elee0228Fit Gal by elee0228She-Hulk by elee0228

... though I also love the artwork I've gotten this year from artist like clc1997, hugohugo, and zetarok:

The Power by elee0228Psylocke by elee0228Chun-Li by elee0228

Some of my favorites this year were grayscale pieces I commissioned from kyptova and then added color and background to.  I especially enjoyed working on Susan Strong.  

Susan Strong by elee0228Naruto by elee0228Nude Muscle Gal by elee0228

Which was your favorite deviation or artist for this year?

As I've done the last 2 years, I'll be posting the top deviations from the year starting in January.  I also posted a new poll for 2013 asking how I'm doing.  I did this back in 2011 and 2012 also.  83% of deviants voting thought I did a good job in 2011, and 86% of deviants voting in 2012 thought the same.  I'm hoping for that number to keep going up, though I'm currently at 81%.

Please vote and let me know how I'm doing.  

Last year, I was thrilled when one of my deviations finally crossed the 1000-fave mark.  Amazingly, 5 more deviations exceeded that mark in the past year.  Thanks everyone for faving these deviations!:

She-Hulk by elee0228Korra by elee0228Naruto by elee0228Magic Muscle by elee0228Korra by elee0228Sakura by elee0228

Onward to 2014!

Most Popular Characters

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 9, 2013, 12:46 PM

The Most Popular Characters at DeviantART

Have you ever wondered who the most popular characters are at DeviantART?

I liked danlev's recent post on Trending deviantART Search Terms in October. It got me thinking about popular characters on DeviantART in terms of deviation count. I'm going to need some help with this research project.

Help Wanted, Reward Offered

Search for a character and submit the number of deviations found. You can post a screenshot or just put the number in a comment. Find a Top-10 character and get 100 points:points:. Find a Top-50 character and get 10 points:points:. Each person that faves this journal will get 1 point:points:. If multiple people submit the same character, the first person gets the points.

Top 50 Popular Characters DeviantART

This list will be changing frequently. Edit: updated 1/16 10:40am (disqualifying entries that don't get enough character results:

01) 8623800 deviations: Thing Karai0318
02) 7200931 deviations: Him RainbowSparkleBitch
03) 5546575 deviations: Light Karai0318
04) 3934080 deviations: May sTiViA
05) 3678425 deviations: Link Amalthea16
06) 2257825 deviations: House Karai0318
07) 2139979 deviations: Naruto elee0228
08) 1766625 deviations: Soul TueuseNoir
09) 1618017 deviations: Sonic DeathEggFan
10) 1598849 deviations: Cloud elee0228
11) 1467334 deviations: Near gibsos
12) 1431279 deviations: Silver Karai0318
13) 1374959 deviations: Tails fanaticalpokeblack
14) 1178968 deviations: Santa Contraltissimo
15) 1155083 deviations: Sai Karai0318
16) 1079019 deviations: WallE Bri-Sama14
17) 1061343 deviations: Carly Karai0318
18) 1027582 deviations: Spirit gibsos
19) 1012861 deviations: Flash DarthRose
20) 0969182 deviations: Jack Karai0318
21) 0943349 deviations: Storm Karai0318
22) 0936060 deviations: Alice hello757
23) 0928049 deviations: Sakura elee0228
24) 0885454 deviations: Devil Irockz216
25) 0799538 deviations: "The Master" scarletkisses1992
26) 0759110 deviations: Alien Gettar82
27) 0715480 deviations: John TueuseNoir
28) 0675031 deviations: Chaos lulus1
29) 0672645 deviations: Lee Karai0318
30) 0663215 deviations: Alex aibic
31) 0662482 deviations: Sasuke elee0228
32) 0661431 deviations: Amy DementedDetective
33) 0653768 deviations: Raven ddd09ish1
34) 0652174 deviations: Luna RainbowSparkleBitch
35) 0650562 deviations: Len sTiViA
36) 0632802 deviations: "The Doctor" gibsos
37) 0624257 deviations: Beast Karai0318
38) 0616403 deviations: Pops DementedDetective
39) 0605431 deviations: Zelda elee0228
40) 0590437 deviations: Mary aibic
41) 0585130 deviations: Roll maistromanuel
42) 0575246 deviations: Kat Karai0318
43) 0567531 deviations: Sam Karai0318
44) 0563791 deviations: Miku elee0228
45) 0558773 deviations: Dan Karai0318
46) 0553198 deviations: Batman elee0228
47) 0547426 deviations: Harry Potter elee0228
48) 0544764 deviations: Mario elee0228
49) 0544569 deviations: James Karai0318
50) 0543973 deviations: Max Karai0318


Popularity is subjective. It's more correct to say that this is a list of characters that appear in the most deviation titles or tag lists. That is a mouthful though, so I chose to call this Most Popular Characters instead. Characters who have names in common with other characters (Sakura, Mai) or objects (Ash, Cloud) will get a boost in this list. Naruto gets a boost due to being commonly used in deviant names. I started a Watchers Toplist a few months ago, so check that out too.  

Bonus DeviantART Popularity Search Battle

Just a fun game to play. Who do you think would win? The highest number wins. Click the links and find out. Submit some fun combinations in the comments and I'll add it to the list.


Brought to you by elee0228

Journal designed and coded by kuschelirmel-stock with textures from lebstock

I'm really enjoying the current Ring☆Dream event called Buffalo Kitamura Intai Kogyo ~Saraba! Mo Ushi~ (バッファロー北村引退興行 ~さらば!猛牛~).  It sounds like you won't be able to get the Buffalo Kitamura cards anymore after the event, so it's the last chance to get some nice SR/VR/UR cards.  I managed to get 7-8 of the VR cards, and I'm shooting for the UR card now.  I really love the character designs by F.S for her.

Thankfully, they have added a new muscular wrestler to the card pile.  Wolf Namori (ウルフ金森) is a decent replacement and has a good physique.  Here's her evolution progression:

I sure am going to miss the big gal though...
I've been noticing weirdness with DeviantART searches today.  I don't get all the results, and stuff that used to appear is missing now.  Is it just broken for me?
I'm getting a lot of visitors today. Where are you all coming from? I'm curious, so please let me know. Hope you like the art. If you are new to my page, I should let you know that the art in my gallery is commissioned by me from other artists. Thank you for dropping by!

The new DeviantART Mentions feature is great, though it doesn't really help when some outside site is sending traffic to DeviantART. It would be super useful if there was some tool that could give us access to the referrer data. I see deviants occasionally post in their journal asking about weird pageview spikes so this would answer those questions. Please consider it wreckling for a future update maybe?

Here are some random updates:

As always, I like getting comments. It keeps me motivated in sharing my stuff. Got a question, suggestion, or comment? Take some time to post it. I try to reply to every comment I get.
I have really been digging the new DeviantART mentions feature.  I've gotten a few mentions in other folks deviations so far, mostly from artists that I've commissioned.  It's a cool way to join in discussions that you couldn't find before.  It's supposed to work when people mention deviations with the thumb code too, though I haven't gotten any yet.  Can someone do me a favor and mention one of my deviations in their journal so I can see what it looks like?  Here are some random deviation mentions to get the ball rolling.  If you visit this journal entry because you received a deviation mention notification, please take a moment to say "hi".

Susan Strong
Adventure Time Rock? by RedSilverArtistSusan Strong Full Color by mkonstantinovSusan Strong by masubeSusan Strong by ayanamifanSusan Strong by Zesiul

Sketches I'd Like to See Finished
Ness Surprise by FettcomDragon B Day: Chi Chi 03 by RedSilverArtistPencil test animation by DavidCMatthewsPink polkadot by mushypeaschipsmuscle shego in progress by Gettar82

Shout Out
Hey, Fettcom, ayanamifan, refaal, pumpmonger, cerebus873, Pokkuti, jsiejkd!  Elee0228 says "what's up"?

In this week's Ring Dream event, there's a character named Hekaton Keiko (ヘカトン彗子) who makes an appearance.  This character was designed by Buchou Chinke (SHD) and he posted some drafts at this Pixiv page.  I have been a fan of his work for awhile.  The in-game character looks like it was drawn by a different artist though.  It is cool to see some of the artists that I follow contributing to the game.  Her card hasn't shown up in the game yet, I hope they add her soon.  Keiko has got some impressive abs.  I love it when this game features these buff and sexy wrestlers.

This week's event, Stardom Tour, also includes three new wrestlers.  These so-called collaboration cards are based on real-world wrestlers in the World Wonder Ring Stardom group.  


Journal Entry: Mon Nov 4, 2013, 12:53 PM
Manga Muscle Girls ( 漫画の筋肉娘)

 photo kokuran-cover.jpg  photo s1v2p161.jpg  photo s1v2p162.jpg

Kadokawa published 2 series by KONDOH Rururu (近藤るるる).  The first was Kokuran (黒蘭) which ran for 4 volumes.  The second was Kokuran ~Hangyaku Kurokami~ (黒蘭~反逆の黒髪~) which ran for 2 volumes. There is a cute muscle girl who appears in both series named Ominaeshi (オミナエシ), which is the Japanese name for the Patrinia plant.  She is the little sister of a buff male character in the series.  She doesn't get a lot of panels in the book, though it's worth hunting the book down in my opinion.  All the volumes are available at Amazon JP.  I found this manga through a nice Japanese website called 筋肉娘ドットコム.

 photo s1v2p178.jpg  photo s2v1p144.jpg  photo s2v1p145.jpg